About us

Poliplast S.p.a. is an Italian company which produces Thermoplastic Polymer Powders Polyethylene Bags and Electricity from Renewable Sources.

Born in 1973, thanks to the experience of its technicians and staff, Poliplast is growing rapidly both in terms of technology and production, with the aim of becoming one of the leading companies in the sector, in Italy and in Europe. Poliplast purpose is to offer customers not just a product, but quality and service, thanks to cutting-edge technology and a qualified and flexible organizational structure.

Poliplast Lab

A laboratory specifically equipped for the analysis of powders which guarantees constant control of the quality of the products.
• MFI – Density – Dry flow – Laser granulometry – Humidity – Gel content – Mechanical Tests – Escr
• Internal color development – Gloss meter – Spectrophometer
• Xenon weathering chambers
• Lab extruders and mills
• Electric and carousel rotomoulding machines
• Rotomoulding control temperatures

Our Units

Powdering unit

Diversified powdering units for a wide range of thermoplastic resins. They are based on different technologies including liquid nitrogen cryogenic systems. The equipment is automated and integrated with granulometry classification, mixing and coloring devices that allow to obtain “customized powders” with morphological, formulation and granulometric characteristics that meet specific application needs.

Compounding unit

Compounding units allow to obtain special polymers to be micronized for the different sectors of use

Filming unit

Filming unit for the production of polyethylene bags



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